Eternity in an Hour

2015 collection


Love, passion and freedom that drives a Victoria girl from convention to
forbidden love Becomes the inspiration behind A La Netti’s
first collection for Autumn/Winter 2015

The elusive and endless imagination of a designer takes us back to the Victorian Era – the glorified beginning of romantic ideology, subdued dreaminess and opulent art pieces – that is captured and portrayed through luxe design details. Exquisite sequin and glitzy materials attachment techniques that create new silhouette for each design become the story behind this collection. Limitless experiment and boundless creativity, which is the brand’s DNA, is still prominent in A La Netti’s unconventional style to shape one-of-a-kind uniqueness of A La Netti’s women.

“The inspiration of this collection comes from the cultural contradiction between the past and the present as well as the reminiscence of contemporary culture. That’s what made think of the Victorian Era. With strict and clear-cut values and believes, Victorian women lived in rigid moral frame but the same time they were confident and did not afraid to be themselves. This leads to the beauty of culture clash between the Victorian belief and the outside world, as well as the self-contradiction where the inner self and true passion cannot be expressed openly. The freedom to break free for just one hour, in the Victorian-age context, is the eternal bliss that can be treasured.” Maylinda Bhakdithanaseth, Creative Director of A La Netti enthuses.

Part of the inspiration comes from the Victorian poetry that tells story of a woman at the time who was so suppressed by strict social conduct that she formed such strong contradicting feelings towards faith and tradition. She plunged into a forbidden love that may be brief but it was eternal in her sweet memory. That life-changing kind of love inspires a step across the boundary between convention and a new start, accentuated with heavy colors such as black, blue and purple on bright hues like magenta pink, gold and white.

A La Netti professes to create new style, as result of passion and strong determination, to shake up new outlook of modern women, to rescue them from the same old way and to let them have fun mixing and matching to create their own unique look. This season is all about self-sufficient women who come in full package, complete with beauty, luxurious taste and unique charm that steals all attention.

The bright and bold personality of modern women reflects their diverse career choice. They could be thinkers, writers or creators. We take their lifestyle’s unique trait, excellent taste and style to construct elegant designs that stand out, and at the same time allow them to have fun with their own styling.

Silhouette and Technique

A La Netti uses pearl and bead attachment technique to create sensational texture that feels as if the pearls and beads are falling down naturally. The flowing attachment pattern of the pearls clashes with the blouse with hardened fabric and wires that accentuate surreal feminine silhouette – as if she’s wearing a corset. Other noted detail are puffed up pleated sleeves with frills and hand-embroidered flowery drape that adds even more contrast to the sleek, elegant silhouette A La Netti’s style.


Strong dark colors dominate this collection’s palette, alluding to power and grace in a woman. Enigmatic velvet and stenciled fabric goes hand in hand with the sensual chiffon and organdy silk. Each design is constructed with artisan sartorial work for every woman’s comfort and confident.


The highlight is the cage belt that mocks the rigid ancient cage crinoline is worn outside and can be matched with various different styles. Unleash your wildest imagination and have fun with your own style is the way to go for A La Netti. Other highlights include headpieces by Milliner Thai that have become internationally renowned especially in the UK, hats by Radklao and fun genuine silver jewelry – with mushroom and mini head charms – that will complete the look in such unique and playful way.