The essence of women’s intuition is once again reinterpreted at A La Netti to reveal a glimpse journey through the endless world of imagination of the designer whose wanderlust sent her on her feet to find inspiration at every corner of the world. “Elegant”, “Extraordinary” and “Imaginative” are the three magic words that can best describe A La Netti’s style.

After garnering some extensive experience from world-renowned brands, Creative Director Maylinda “Netty” Bhakdithanaseth re-launched A La Netti to delight women who have fine, sophisticated taste, adore arts and never limit themselves to mere current trend. The design, based on the idea of juxtaposition, pushes boundaries and breaks all rules to create something new with the use of contrast elements, like delicate, flowing lines are styl-ishly being placed on strong, stoic silhouette. Juxtaposition is then en-hanced with surreal approach to reveal the inner self through pure thoughts and question all designs. The exhilarating design is what makes every woman unique in her own fashionable way.

Besides refined, top-quality semi-couture work that will take on the global fashion market, A La Netti is more than a fashion brand. A La Netti is a modern woman’s lifestyle that yearns for smart, funcational design. Hence, every creation of A La Netti is an attempt to morph high art into daily life, creating the one-and-only style for every woman.

A La Netti’s design is a collectible art piece, with silhouette and pattern built on nothing but freedom and limitless imagination that goes beyond style. New materials are introduced in every process to boost creativity, as seen in the use of two different fabric textures in one piece and the brand’s signature embroidery technique. The freedom in design creates such unique look, tempting every woman to mix and match to find their own true style.

A La Netti caters to modern women whose life is fulfilled and enjoyed in every way possible. The captivating yet functional clothes for every cosmopolitan lifestyle are not just visually alluring, but also rendering as a statement of refined taste.

“A La Netti is not just a fashion brand, but it defines a lifestyle that is elegant, luxurious and full of mysterious details. The design is powerful, but at the same time reveals the sensually deep and charming side of every woman.”

Look for the A La Netti’s creations where art and imagination meet, executed by top-notch cutting and tailoring technique to make every woman’s day special at A La Netti.